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Are you looking for training that will take you to the next level in your riding or racing? The Donnie Hansen Motocross Academy is where you need to be to learn how to be the best rider/racer you can be. Training with Donnie is a lifetime experience. You will have the opportunity to learn from a World, National and Supercross Champion that has the knowledge to take you to the next level. You will be working with him personally throughout your training program. His personality and relaxed demeanor is something that makes the experience more enjoyable and unique. Donnie has a relaxed approach to his curriculum. A typical agenda is listed, but is adjusted in order to customize the training to the riders’ needs.

Why My Class?
Through the years, I have been asked this question, and always give the same answer – “to make you a safer as well as a better rider”. I’ve trained riders from beginner to pro, racers and off-road riders, and they all want the same thing – to be the best that they can be without getting hurt. I can’t stress enough the importance of learning proper riding and racing techniques, from the fundamentals on up to the more technical. You can’t improve your results and finishes if you always do what you always did!

I talk to riders and parents all the time that say something like “I can jump anything out there, but can’t get a start” or “my kid always starts up front, but by the end of the race he is mid-pack or close to last”. All riders have strengths and weaknesses – they just need to learn how to improve their weaknesses to achieve the results they want.

In My Class

In my classes, I work with the riders to make sure they are learning the techniques and applying them properly on the track. This not only helps them achieve their goal of being a better rider, but also gives them the confidence they need to go faster and improve their finishes.

My extensive experience in Motocross & Supercross training provides the knowledge needed for everyone of my students to excel in their riding or racing, no matter if they are a beginner or an expert. I have over 30 years of experience working with a lot of the top riders in the sport including some of today's stars - Ryan Villopoto, Ryan Dungey, Andrew Short, Cole Seely, Jake Weimer, Wil & Tommy Hahn, Josh & Justin Hill, Ivan Tedesco, Mike Alessi, and of course my son, Josh Hansen.


DHMA offers three and four day camps in Colorado from April to October each year. Training in the high altitude is an added advantage of training at DHMA, that is why the Olympic Training Center is located here. Enrollment is limited to insure individual instruction. Riders not only get the best training during their stay, but also get to meet other riders from around the world. A training day is filled with not only technique training, but also fun drills and free riding time. Food and lodging is available if needed, and camping is allowed at the track. If you prefer to stay in a local hotel, DHMA can assist you with your trip planning, and some hotels offer student discounts to DHMA riders attending a camp. If you will be flying in for a camp, DHMA will provide airport transportation to and from either the Denver International Airport or the Colorado Springs Airport. Flights into Denver are the most economical with Southwest Airlines being the most economical airline since there are no baggage fees, and your reservation can be changed at no additional cost if you have to reschedule your class.


DHMA offers one and two-day schools nationwide. Enrollment is limited, and is all on-the-bike. Since enrollment in a school is larger than a camp, practice sessions are separated between big bikes, and little bikes to insure the rider's safety. Different techniques are covered each day. Parents are encouraged to observe the class with their rider to listen to the instruction so they can reinforce what they learn when they take them riding or racing. Contact DHMA if you would like to get a school scheduled at a track near you.


Instruction in the following:
            *Body positioning – as speed increases, body positioning changes
            *Proper grip, elbows up
            *Feet placement
            *Starts – body positioning and technique for best starts
            *Jumping – all types; body positioning over jumps; confidence
            *Proper use of your suspension–minimizing or preloading over jumps


Instruction in the following:
            *Push harder
            *Line choice
            *Eliminate coasting into corners
            *Reduce lap times
            *Preparation for upcoming event


Lodging at DHMA is not only comfortable, but also an opportunity to see racing memorabilia of both Donnie and his son, Josh. Donnie & Becky invite riders and their families into their home to relax and enjoy spending personal time with them. The food is exceptional including a nutritious breakfast, lunch at the track and a full course dinner. Drinks and snacks are also provided throughout the day. DHMA provides everything you need for a comfortable stay…towels, linens, etc. You only need to bring your bike, gear, gas and personal items. If you are renting a bike, you just need to bring your gear and personal items.

DHMA Accomodations

Family Room
Game Room
Family Room
Game Room
Family Room
Game Room


My credentials speak for themselves – with the knowledge I have from beating the best riders in the world, Hannah, Johnson, O’Mara, Barnett, Glover and more. to working with the top riders of today, including Villopoto, Dungey, Weimer, Short, Tedesco, Josh & Justin Hill, and Josh Hansen, just to name a few, I can assure you that you will be getting the best instruction available.
I established the Donnie Hansen Motocross Academy in 1984 after a career-ending injury forced me to retire from competition. DHMA is based both in California and Colorado where I train riders on a private and semi-private basis. I also travel around the Country teaching schools and camps. Since the inception of DHMA in 1984, I have trained over 15,000 students throughout the U.S. and abroad.

1984-Present - Donnie Hansen Motocross Academy
Motorcycle Hall of Fame Inductee 2003
Factory Team – American Honda 1980 – 1982
AMA 250cc Supercross Champion 1982
AMA 250cc Motocross Champion 1982
Trophee & Motocross des Nations Champion 1981
AMA Rookie of the Year 1979
Numerous pro and amateur national titles 1977 - 1980

There are plenty of pro and amateur riders out there that decide to teach, but their knowledge and experience is limited. I hope you will invest in yourself or your rider, and participate in one of my classes – you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you.
Donnie “Holeshot” Hansen
Former National, Supercross & World Champion


A deposit is required for all reservations
**Minor Releases must be completed by a parent or guarding if rider is under 18 years of age.**

One-day school                   $225
Two-day school                   $325
Three-day camp                  $595
Four-day camp                    $695

Private & Semi-Private Lessons  *** Price is determined by the number of riders participating

Food & Lodging                   $75 per day for student - includes all meals and lodging
                                               $125 per day for student & parent or guardian

NOTE: Lodging is available for family members when space is available for an additional fee

Bike Rental                           $100 per day

**Release forms must be completed and a $250.00 refundable deposit is required on a credit card to cover damages caused by rider other than normal wear and tear, i.e., levers, bars, sub-frames, etc.
Insurance                              Health insurance is required – policy information to be furnished at time of enrollment